Tuesday, 30 August 2016

(02) Kinjal Agarwal's Poem Recitation

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  1. Pronunciation and Articulation: 3
    Rhythm, pace and fluency: 3
    Pitch and tone: 3
    Pause: 4
    Power: 3

  2. Pronunciation and Articulation: Pronunciation could be a little clearer (eg. ceased)
    Rhythm, pace and fluency: The rhythm and pace were appropriate
    Pitch and Tone: Pitch and tone were used to convey emotion in the poem
    Pause: There was used of appropriate pauses
    Power: Vocal power was sustained at the end of phrases

  3. Pronunciation and Articulation:Could be a little more precise. (E.g: Quarrel)
    Rhythm, pace and fluency: Appropriate, except for some errors.
    Pitch and tone: Good use of pitch and tone, in showing expressions.
    Pause: Quite good
    Power: consistent

    1. Can you please explain what kind of errors did I make in the rhythm, pace and tone. Also, is having a consistent power good or bad? Thanks!

  4. Pronunciation: 4
    Power: 4
    Pause: 4
    Pace: 3
    Tone: 3